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  • UMSC Scoliosis Centre
    Our comprehensive team of caregivers offers you the best of scoliosis management to help patients achieve their best functionality while experiencing the least disruption to his or her life during the treatment process
    About Our Scoliosis Team

    Our only focus – Scoliosis
    We’re highly dedicated deformity specialists. Unlike general spine surgery, our team has only one focus – management of spinal deformity i.e. scoliosis. We believe our patients will benefit from the expertise of our team which focuses on only scoliosis management which ranges from non-operative to operative management.


    Our surgeons Prof Kwan MK and Prof Chris Chan YW

    Comprehensive and multidisciplinary scoliosis care
    As a comprehensive and multidisciplinary center, we offer a complete care for our scoliosis patients, including both nonsurgical and surgical treatments. Our team comprises of well trained orthotist (bracing experts), physiotherapists, nurses, radiographers, neurophysiologists, perfusionists who specialize in all aspects of care for scoliosis patients. Our full-service office is designed to meet all of our patients’ needs conveniently in one place.


    Our whole team of scoliosis caregivers


    The surgeons with the patient, team of orthotist and physiotherapist

    To complete our scoliosis management services, we have a team of specialized orthotist and physiotherapist who are trained to fabricate scoliosis braces.

    Example of some of the scoliosis braces that were fabricated by our team

    Our team of orthotist and physiotherapist, through constant discussion and communication with the surgeons aims to maintain the highest quality of brace fabrication to increase the likelihood of success in brace treatment.
    Discussion between orthotist and surgeon

    This close working relationship will ensure satisfaction of brace treatment among not only our patients, but will also increase the understanding of the whole team of caregivers, which include parents as well.
    The parents, patients and the orthotists

    The success or failure of the brace treatment requires a good understanding of the principles of brace treatment. Therefore it is extremely important that the parents are included as part of the team of caregivers.
    One of the patients after having his brace fitted

    Our surgeons with the patient and mother after successful adjustment of the brace

    Apart from brace fabrication, our in house physiotherapist are also trained in education of out of brace scoliosis exercises, which is also an integral aspect of non surgical management.
    Our physiotherapist instructing the patient on exercises which have to be performed when out of brace.

    Exercises, which are taught to the patients, comprise of exercises that enhances the flexibility of the scoliosis curve as well as exercises that strengthens the core muscle in the body.


    Flexibility exercises being instructed to both patient and parents


    Core strengthening exercises performed by one of the patients