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    Prof. Chris Chan Yin Wei

    During my training as a doctor 15 years ago, I have witnessed many patients contemplating scoliosis correction surgery, weighing the risk and benefits of the operation. Scoliosis corrective surgery at that time took long hours, many days stay in the hospital, and the outcome was somewhat less predictable. This makes the decision to commit for surgery that much harder.

    At this present day, I have completed my training in Orthopedics Surgery at University Malaya in 2008 and have practiced 7 years in field of Spine Surgery with about 70% of my practice dedicated to deformity correction and specifically scoliosis surgery. In Scoliosis surgery every parents’ concern is regarding the safety of scoliosis surgery. If we can provide patients a safe environment for scoliosis correction surgery, it will go a long way in guiding you through possibly one of the most difficult decisions of your life. To enhance safety in scoliosis surgery, we have undertaken a two-pronged strategy: research and optimization of clinical practice.

    Our strong research background and publications will convince you of the safety of pedicle screws in our population. It is important that we do not rely on western publications, as it may not be applicable to our population. We have also focused our research on various aspects, which would improve patient outcome, and our recent publications in top tier journals have focused on reducing parents’ anxiety during scoliosis surgery, the safety and efficacy of a team effort in scoliosis surgery, and pre-operative flexibility assessment using the fulcrum radiograph. Ongoing research is focusing on achieving a balanced spine after scoliosis correction, particularly prevention of shoulder and neck imbalance as well as shortening the fusion segment to maximize mobility and flexibility of the spine.

    Optimisation of clinical practice and specifically scoliosis surgery is another priority in our team. Scoliosis surgery is not an individual event nor is it a relay event. It is indeed a team event comprising of experienced surgeons and assistants, anesthetist, perfusionist to salvage blood loss, neuromonitoring physician (to provide the surgeons an extra ‘sense’) and a team of dedicated and trained nurses. With a clinical experience of more than 800 cases to date, every single detail before, during and after the surgery has been ironed out. This increases the efficiency of the team, leads to shorter operation time, shorter anesthetic time, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and ultimately a safer journey. At the same time, our team remains compassionate to your needs so that the ‘human touch’ in patient care is not forgotten.

    That is the road we have travelled in the past 15 years and indeed on this very day, our team of experts has made scoliosis surgery safer. With a safer surgery, this will hopefully assist you to make the right decision for your loved one.

    Speciality : Orthopedic Spine Surgery
    Degrees : MS Orth