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    Prof. Kwan Mun keong

    Prof. Kwan serves as the Chief of the Spine Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His practice is mainly devoted to spinal deformity surgery especially adolescent Idiopathic scoliosis.

    Prof. Kwan did his basic medical degree MBBS (90/95) and his Master of Orthopaedic Surgery (MS Orth) (98/02) in University of Malaya (UM). He was awarded ‘N. Subramaniam Award 2003’ by the Malaysia Orthopaedic Association (MOA) for being the best student in the MS Orth (UM) in 2002. He was also awarded the ‘Mahmood Merican Award 2002’ for acquiring the best research MS Orth thesis in the same year. He further subspecialized and completed his training in the field of spinal surgery in University of Malaya and was later appointed as the Spinal Consultant and Chief of the Spine Unit in 2008. He has a vast experience in taking care and dealing with patients with spinal pathology where he operated an average of 300-400 cases a year with approximately 150-200 cases are on spinal deformity, mainly adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

    Prof. Kwan is an active member of numerous international professional spine societies. Currently, he is the active member of the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS). He is well known internationally and currently he serves as the Honorary Secretary of the Asia Pacific Spine Society (APSS). Back in Malaysia, he is also served as the Treasurer for the Malaysia Spine Society (MSS).

    He was a recipient of many grants for research and is an active researcher in the field of spine, especially in the research area which is related to the safe use of pedicle screws in spinal surgery and scoliosis. He has published numerous articles in the International Scientific Peer Reviewed Journals. Recently, he was awarded a ‘P. Balasubramaniam Best Published Translational Medicine Paper Award 2014. Due to his academic contribution, he was appointed to be a member of the editorial board for the Asian Spine Journal and Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal.

    He has written many academic books and videos related to orthopaedic and spinal surgery and have also, contributed book chapters with regard to spinal disorders. Due to his dedicated teaching in both the medical students as well as master students, he was conferred the ‘Best Lecturer (Clinical) Award by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya in the year 2013’.

    He has organized numerous international conferences i.e. IMAST KL 2015, AOSpine Asia Pacific Advance Conference 2012 and International MSS-SRS Conference 2011. He has also chaired many professional spinal surgery meetings worldwide and has been an invited speaker over 50 times besides presenting over 150 scientific abstracts/presentations.

    Speciality : Orthopedic Spine Surgery
    Degrees : MS Orth