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    IMAST 2015 22nd International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques
    Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

    We are fortunate that the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre was chosen to be the venue for IMAST 2015 by the SRS (Scoliosis Research Society).  Prof. Kwan MK was the local co-host for this event. Our team participated actively in this great meeting.  We presented many of our scientific research papers in this conference.

    The following are the scientific papers presented by our team in this meeting:

    1) Palliative surgery in spinal metastasis patients with instability pain: the role of minimally invasive spinal stabilization (MISt) using fluoroscopic guided percutaneous screws technique. Kwan MK, Lee CK, Chan CYW.

    2) The safety of percutaneous pedicle screws using fluoroscopy in the lumbosacral junction and lumbar spine. Chiu CK, Kwan MK, Chan CYW, Schafer C, Hansen-Algenstaedt N.

    3) Are bicortical purchase of C1 lateral mass and C2 pedicle screws safe for internal carotid artery Asians? Lee CK, Tan TS, Chan CYW, Kwan MK.

    4) Managing metastatic disease with neurologic deficit. Kwan MK

    5) Case Presenter: Infection. Kwan MK

    6)Surgical approach and role for instrumentation in metastatic spine disease. Kwan MK