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  • UMSC Scoliosis Centre
    Our comprehensive team of caregivers offers you the best of scoliosis management to help patients achieve their best functionality while experiencing the least disruption to his or her life during the treatment process
    Our Goals

    Our team comprised of a group of highly dedicated deformity spine surgeons who are specialized in treating spinal deformity i.e. scoliosis.
    The goals of our team are:
    a. To create awareness among patients/parents and to equip them with the appropriate knowledge to fully understand their condition Learn More
    b. To ensure early detection and accurate assessment of their problem Learn More
    c. To provide early intervention i.e. bracing and physiotherapy to prevent worsening and therefore avoid surgery Learn More
    d. To provide timely surgical correction to minimize the risk and long term consequences of scoliosis surgery (motion preservation whenever possible) Learn More
    e. To prevent severe deformity Learn More
    f. To enhance scoliosis related research which includes providing safe surgical techniques, improve patient/parents satisfaction in scoliosis care and research into spinal balance in scoliosis surgery Our Research