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    I would like to share my experience with all of you.


    My name is Jessie, one of the scoliosis patients of Malaysia. I would like to share my experience with all of you.

    Early year 2008, my elder sister discovered I had spine deformity. Due to this reason, my parents were trying to seek for medical treatments all around Malaysia. My scoliotic curve progress rapidly in two and the half year, from 50 degrees to 115 degrees.

    Fortunately, in year 2010, I found a spine consultant in Kuala Lumpur. He diagnosed me to have Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. I had the corrective surgery done in June 2010. The surgery was very successful and my spine was corrected to 40 degrees.  I looked better physically as I do not need to cover up my imbalanced / asymmetry body shape. I also feel that I am healthier as I no longer feel tired easily.

    I would like to thank to all the surgeons, nurses, medical assistants and my family for taking good care of me during the recovery period.

    Hence, I would like to advise those who are diagnosed with scoliosis, do not afraid of scoliosis as it is not a cancerous disease. You should seek for proper management to cease your scoliotic spine further progress.

    大家好,我叫jessie,在2008年初的时候,我姐姐发现了我的脊椎弯曲了,我的父母亲带我到处去求医,中西药什么也尝试过,可是也没有见效…过后再两年半的时间,我的脊椎由50度恶化至115度。在去年,我很幸运地遇到了Prof Dr Kwan Mun Keong,也在六月做了矫正脊椎手术,这个手术做到很成功,从我凹凸不平的腰部改善到非常好,而且成功矫正至40度。动了这个手术后,我的脚不再像以前那样走几步就会累,而且也不用再穿宽宽的衣服来掩着我的身形,我们全家人都感到很开心也很感恩。我在这里也希望患有脊椎弯曲症的人尽快去速医,不要耽误了黄金时期。我也感谢Prof Dr Kwan Mun Keong这一团队的所有医务人员,我和家人再次地感谢所有帮助过我们的恩人,谢谢你们…